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Optimize your processes using data


Schedule a custom 1:1 LIVE custom briefing to see how leading enterprises are using Skan to drive continuous organization-wide process improvement, successfully implement RPA, and more. Key benefits include:


  • Process Transparency: Get a full view and understanding of the true state of your processes

  • Automation and RPA: Identify data-driven opportunities for implementing automation.

  • Process Optimization: Redesign and streamline your processes while tracking key process statistics including throughput and utilization

  • Compliance and Conformance: Ensure organization wide compliance and standardization, and ensure key process steps are followed according to regulatory or other guidelines.


  • Digital Transformation: Identify opportunities for the introduction of new digital tools.


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Skan Platform Features



Automated Process Discovery

Computer Vision to identify process steps at the UI/Screen layer

ML-Powered Process Insights

Advanced ML to build accurate and detailed process maps

Actionable Recommendations

Data-driven recommendations for meaningful and measurable action

Privacy First Architecture

Industry leading privacy and security

No Interruption, No required Integrations

No disruption to employees or work


Skan Platform Overview


The Skan Process Intelligence Platform uses computer vision and machine learning to continuously uncover the complete, end-to-end view of digital processes with zero interruption to employees and zero required integrations.



“When you take the security of the (Skan) product, and you combine it with the really powerful data and analytics that go along with it, it’s a no-brainer“ 
Jen Faria,
Digital Enablement and Automation Services Lead, AVP
FM Global



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Learn How Leading Enterprises are Using Skan

Skan is helping customers across insurance, healthcare services, banking, and manufacturing build a data-driven view of their digital processes.

  • Quickly identify process variants, bottlenecks and automation opportunities with Skan's automated process discovery capability for a clear and transparent view of the end-to-end claims processes

  • Streamline claims process management with a detailed unit cost analysis breakdown and real-time dashboards highlighting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as frequency, processing time, and turnaround time

  • Accelerate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and drive efficiencies in customer experience by identifying non-value add tasks and repetitive steps, building a baseline view of system usage and bottlenecks


Process Transparency

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