Scott Teeple joins Skan as Senior Director of Solutions Engineering

I am excited to welcome Scott Teeple who joins Skan as Senior Director of Solutions Engineering.

One of Skan’s core values is the close collaboration and trust we have built with our enterprise customers. As Skan embarks on the next stage of our journey and growth, Scott will take on a leadership role at Skan in deepening this commitment to our customers, enabled by Scott’s unique combination of deep subject matter expertise in operational excellence and automation as well as a 20 year track record of extensive partnership with enterprise customers.

In his role, Scott will work closely with our largest enterprise customers to implement the Skan product vision, accelerate time to value, and identify new and expanded use cases for Skan’s Process Intelligence Platform to help enterprises identify and accelerate data-driven opportunities for improving their processes and operations.

I also encourage you to watch for Scott’s upcoming series of blog posts and videos where he will be sharing his thoughts on emerging technology, trends, and insights!

Please join me in welcoming Scott to the team!

Scott Teeple, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering

Scott Teeple

Prior to joining Skan,Scott was the Chief Technology Officer at AgilifyAutomation and Director of Process Excellence at Ascension’s Ministry Service Center, leading automation strategies through operational excellence, solutions design, and service delivery. Scott’s teams lead continuous improvement, intelligent process automation (IPA) and augmented intelligence initiatives and research for large scale organizations. He is a former leader in architecture design with more than 20 years' experience in information technology leadership, technical architecture and product R&D.

Scott is passionate about advancements in digital transformation and how AI can be
used to empower the new future of work. Scott holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Ball State University.

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