LPL Financial relies on Skan for factual, outcome-driven, process transformation 

A recent HFS case study explores how Skan’s process intelligence technology has helped LPL Financial gain greater process understanding. LPL Financial is a Fortune 500 company, with over 5,000 employees on a mission to support over 20,000 financial advisors and 800 financial institutions serving over 6 million investor accounts.

Skan’s process intelligence technology “x-ray’s” an organization’s operations to identify areas for improvement and accelerate transformation initiatives.  

Hear what Deepika Chopra, LPL Senior Vice President of Business Reinvention shares about her experience with Skan: 

“A transformation program that is informed out of evidence generated by data, automatically leap-frogs other approaches, as it ensures adoption and realization of business value. At LPL, we want our programs to generate measurable impact to our internal and external stakeholders, who are the employees and advisors our technology and systems support. Skan is helping us achieve that outcome by quickly discovering our users’ interaction with our processes and systems and giving us the source of truth.” 

Skan can put your organization on the path toward successful transformation with process intelligence. We encourage you to read the full case study here. 

Jen Faria LinkedIn
“One of the things you don’t ever want to do is to automate a bad process. You are just going to make bad things happen faster, and that is not what anyone wants.”
Jen Faria
Digital Enablement and Automation Services Lead, AVP FM Global

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