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Skan Process Mining and Process Discovery Insights

4 Takeaways from Deloitte’s State of Process..

Deloitte has just released their 2021 Global Process Mining Survey. The survey features some interesting insights and for anyone in the process..

Skan expands executive team with process..

When we announced our $14M Series A Investment round last October, one of Skan’s top priorities was to expand our leadership team.Today, I am excited..

What are Process Variants and Why Do They Matter?

Say you were teaching a group of recently-hired analysts to describe and map processes. Suppose as a training exercise you asked them to describe an..

What Microsoft Misses in its Process Discovery..

Hello, Microsoft, A "Guided Process Tour" is not Process Discovery.

Microsoft recently announced its Power Automate and robotic process automation..

How to Use Machine Learning to Separate the..

Real-world data, which is the input of data mining algorithms, has several components that can impact it. Among those issues, the presence of noise..

How Artificial Intelligence can Accelerate and..

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most prominent buzz words to hit the last decade's technology scene. Gartner's

Skan PRISM – Privacy and Information Security at..

One of the challenges of the modern digital systems is the proliferation of systems and the associated Data floating around in various cloud..

Evgueni Hadjev - UX Leader - Skan.AI

  • Hi Evgueni, tell us a bit about your background?

When I was little, I saw an Atari. My first electronic game. Without knowing its name, I played..

How Cognitive Technologies will Shape the Insurer..

The insurance sector is transforming rapidly, thanks to advancements in computing power, technology, connectivity, and access to vast amounts of..

Get to know Sanjyot Gindi, Technical Architect -..

Periodically, we will introduce you to Skanites – our associates from across the world. Today, we have the privilege of meeting Sanjyot Gindi,..

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