Skan Cognitive Process Discovery and Operational Intelligence Platform

How Skan Works?

Skan places a virtual process agent on process participant desktops and records digital interactions using computer vision.

The resulting images are analyzed and synthesized by our data science and machine learning algorithms to derive a process metamodel.

Unobtrusive Observation

Skan CPX virtual process analyst observes and captures every human and machine interaction unobtrusively and learns continuously. And it does without systems integration or need for APIs.

Skan CPX uses computer vision and machine intelligence to power process capture.

Intelligent Process Discovery

The fact is experts know more than they can tell, and analysts do not go beyond drawing a few boxes and arrows to represent a happy path leaving nuances and subtleties by the wayside.

Instead, Skan documents the process variations and nuances leading to complete visibility.

Digital Process Twins

Skan CPX compiles the digital exhaust to paint a holistic picture of end-to-end value streams that form the operational foundation for an enterprise.

These digital process twins are useful for analysis, modeling and reengineering processes.

Operational Intelligence

Skan interprets and and creates a holistic view of enterprise operations.

This evidence-based and data-driven operational intelligence can power automation, digitalization, conformance and other interventions.

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Core Features and Functionality

Skan platform is feature rich and provides essential features for mass observation and derivation of process variants and delivers visual evidence-based operational intelligence.

The sophistication of the underlying technologies simplifies deployment and usage for our enterprise customers.

Process Discovery and Managment

Measure and Govern

Observe and Learn >

Model and Simulate >

Analyze and Improve >

Deploy and Orchestrate >

Process Visualization Map

  • Human Digital Interactions
  • Process discovery of invisible and dark processes
  • Enterprise Process Metamodel
  • Process Visualization

Meta Model Model

  • Process analysis
  • Metamodel
  • Simulation
  • Digital twins
  • Reengineering
  • Target Process Design

Compliance / Conformance Manage

  • Process Monitoring
  • Compliance / Conformance
  • Orchestration / Execution
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Dynamic Process Optimization

Advanced Technologies:

  • Computer Vision Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning Machine Learning
  • Advanced Image Processing Advanced Image Processing
  • Deep Neural Networks Deep Neural Networks
  • Decision Mining Decision Mining
  • Sequence Prediction Sequence Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection Anomaly Detection
  • Graph Algorithms Graph Algorithms

Skan Helps Drive Enterprise Transformation

Skan uses computer vision to observe work as it happens.

An unobtrusive virtual process agent (VPA) is placed on process agent terminals and it records key interactions with digital applications. The resulting deliverables can help pave the way for appropriate interventions.


Skan uncovers various process permutations and nuances to build a complete and accurate picture from the ground up and generates a PDD (Process Definition Document), which can help automation engineers plan and build bots fit for purpose.

Digital Transformation

Process-centric digital transformation addresses the core issues rather than typical digital transformation efforts, which are nothing but a pleasant facade of an unwieldy and unsustainable enterprise underbelly. Skan’s process transparency and analytics help the foundational transformation.

Enterprise Transformation


Before lifting and shifting of operations for outsourcing, Skan’s output of process details and variations helps reduce the learning curve and hardening of the process, one exception at a time.

Systems Replacement

While migrating to the cloud or implementing a modern system, a vivid process picture, with all the variations and subtle differences, helps in enabling new capabilities to meet the operations necessities.

Skan Delivers Measurable Results in Weeks

Measurable Results in Weeks
  • Continuous Discovery

    An efficient, accurate, robust and continuous discovery of business processes at scale.

  • Bots Fixing

    Automate with confidence and not end up in an endless cycle of fixing bots.

  • data files

    Understand and implement process re-engineering based on a data driven approach rather than the generic experience of consultant.

  • Monitor business

    Continuously monitor business processes for drift and not depend on once a quarter/year audit.

  • Automation Efforts

    Embark on your transformation and automation efforts with confidence and conviction.

  • Capacity Planning

    With process transparency, improve capacity planning and optimize workflows to save costs and enhance human productivity.

Measurable Results in Weeks

Skan is Enterprise Ready!

Enterprise Ready!
  • ‣ No Systems Integration

    Yes, you heard it right. Skan does not require access to backend data or systems integration.

  • ‣ Multiple Deployment Options

    Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premises – Skan can accommodate the needs of the enterprise.

  • ‣ Non-Obtrusive

    Skan works unobtrusively on participant laptops/terminals without intruding or intervention.

  • ‣ In-built Information Security

    Pixel-level data redaction and dat masking features protect confidential information.

  • ‣ Focus on Personal Privacy

    Skan focuses on observing what happens on the screen and not who is in front of the screen. Furthermore, Skan can anonymize participant data.

  • ‣ Agnostic to type and diversity of Applications

    Whether it is a green screen, a Citrix terminal, an Excel Spreadsheet, an Outlook email, Browser, or a Notepad, Skan can observe and learn from any application the participant uses as a part of their work.

Enterprise Ready 2

Skan is an essential foundation for process transparency and operational intelligence while embarking on any automation or digital transformation endeavors.

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