Skan Platform Overview


Through the power of computer vision, the Skan virtual process agent observes how work and tasks are being done across an organization. The resulting data points are then analyzed using deep learning to develop a data-driven, accurate representation of the telemetry of work, visualized through adjustable process maps.

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Automated Process Discovery

Process insights using computer vision and deep learning

Industry Leading Privacy and Security

Privacy-first product architecture

Simple Deployment and Configuration

Easy configuration in the Skan Management Console

Process Visualization and Analytics

Visualize process flows and integrate with leading business intelligence tools

Accelerate your digital transformation

Utilizing the latest in computer vision and deep learningSkan helps customers go beyond expensive consulting projects and outdated process mining techniques to understand their processes so they can plan digital transformation and automation efforts, drive continuous organization-wide process improvement, build strategic employee training initiatives, and more.

Robotic Process Automation

See data-driven recommendations for automation opportunities directly in the Skan Management Console. Leverage comprehensive, exportable Process Design Document (PDDs) to accelerate the development of your automations.

Process Redesign

Utilize a data-driven representation of each of your processes to identify process improvement opportunities. Develop a baseline set of KPIs on process effectiveness and impact so you can quantitative measure improvement to those KPIs after process redesign.

Enterprise Transformation

Employee Training and Onboarding

Identify best practices and capture organizational knowledge for use in strategic training initiatives, employee onboarding and compliance.

Digital Transformation and Tools

Understand which digital tools are driving the highest impact and ROI in your processes. Identify opportunities to introduce new tools to improve process efficient and effectiveness.

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