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Unum's AI Journey: Increasing Human Potential in an AI-Driven World

Coming out of the highly energizing InsureTech Connect 2023 conference, it's evident that the insurance industry is keen to adopt enterprise general artificial intelligence for digital transformation in insurance processes.

Find out how Skan is leading the way in expanding AI adoption for insurance organizations by yielding data-driven insights to drive process excellence and automation initiatives across key areas such as claims management, underwriting, and policy administration. Watch the OnDemand recording of Unum's AI journey presented at ITC Vegas 2023, a dynamic discussion featuring SVP of Transformation at Unum Solutions, Miloje Stevanovic, and Skan CEO, Avinash Misra, as they uncover the intricacies of how AI unlocks workforce potential and enhances customer experiences, shaping the industry's future.

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About Speakers

Miloje StevanovicMiloje Stevanovic
SVP Unum Solutions: Product, Technology & Transformation

unnamed (1)Avinash Misra
CEO & Co-Founder

About Unum

Unum Group is an American insurance company headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee providing comprehensive financial insurance products to industries of all sizes. With over 10,000 employees and 175 years of expertise, Unum has a proven track record of making it easy for companies to offer great benefits to protect their workers.
Skan empowers insurance enterprises to sharpen their competitive edge and execute full-scale digital transformation.
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