Featured Panel


Kush Pathak
AVP, Business Transformation
The Standard




Pat Marotta
VP Client Experience Strategy,
American National Insurance




Nandan Mullakara



Thursday 9/29 at 12PM EDT (9AM PDT)

Fireside Chat: Finding the Right Automation Opportunities with Data-driven Insights


It’s no secret that automation is one of the hottest technologies of 2021 According to Gartner, worldwide revenues for RPA will grow to nearly $2B in 2021. However, despite this impressive market growth, for every success story there are just as many questions about whether automation can live up to its ultimate potential as a scalable enterprise technology.

So what is the difference between a transformational enterprise implementation and a simple science project?

Join Kush Pathak, AVP at The Standard, Pat Marotta VP of Client Experience Strategy at American National Insurance, and Nandan Mullakara, CEO at Innomatiq at Skan's September Fireside chat as they discuss real-world automation pitfalls and successes and tips and best practices on how to do "automation the right way", using using data to identify, prioritize, measure, and scale the impact of an automation strategy.


During this fireside chat, you will learn:

  • When automation is the right tool for the job (and when is it not)

  • The importance of looking across the end-to-end process journey

  • Where automation fits within the broader enterprise innovation toolkit

  • How to evaluate the right tools: from discovery and mining tools, to different automation platforms, to methods for measuring the impact of your automation strategy


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