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"Skan's telemetry and instrumentation provide a graphical view of the work being done, the time spent, the interdependencies between tasks, and more. This kind of granular view into the work itself enables enterprises to make informed decisions about process design, organizational design, adoption of tools, and yes, outsourcing and automation."

Jocelyn Goldfein,

Jocelyn Goldfein,Zetta Ventures Partner

"Skan's capabilities using computer vision to bring end-to-end process mapping from desktop work, coupled with its investments in machine learning, conformance/compliance, and real-time workforce intervention, positions it at the forefront of process discovery solutions."

Bailey Kong,

Bailey Kong,Analyst, NelsonHall Research

The Buzz about Skan

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"I can't imagine doing a digital transformation project without Skan. It would be like driving full speed down the highway with snow all over my windshield."

- CIO of a Fortune 500 company

"Skan's technology is the strongest point, as the use of video and computer vision for traditional business processes is a very new and emerging area."

- CIO of a Fortune 500 firm and a Skanearly customer

"While Skan is one of the newest entrants, its leadership team is steeped in core operational transformation and automation experience, giving its clients confidence in its ability to apply emerging technologies in service of improving business operations."

- Reetika Fleming of HFS Research

"Before Skan, our efforts at mapping processes by using analysts were always missing the big picture. Now we know that several process variations are the root cause of some of our challenges. With Skan, a deeper understanding of our operations is possible, and we can not only transform but stay transformed."

- CXO of an Insurer

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