Process Mining

IDC Spotlight on Process Mining and Task Mining

Bridging the Gap in Process Improvement

In the quest to achieve operational excellence, traditional methods of process and task mining play a crucial role but often fall short in addressing the full spectrum of business needs. This IDC Spotlight sheds light on this challenge, highlighting the critical gaps that exist within current approaches. It introduces the concept of hybrid solutions, like Skan, as the key to unlocking a new level of accuracy and effectiveness in process improvement planning, workforce efficiencies, and digital transformation initiatives.

Insights You'll Gain

  • Strategic Value of Process and Task Mining: Find out why Process and Task Mining are essential for enhancing operational efficiency and why they're fundamental to transformational success.

  • Identifying the Gaps: Understand the limitations present in traditional process and task mining approaches and how they impact your ability to fully optimize business processes.

  • Advantages of a Hybrid Approach: Discover the effectiveness of Process Intelligence—a hybrid solution merging the strengths of Process and Task mining. This innovative approach offers a more comprehensive and accurate method for advancing processes

  • Skan’s Innovative Platform: Learn about Skan's process intelligence solution and how it stands out in addressing the complexities of today's business optimization needs.

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