Skan for Automation

Pinpoint RPA and generative AI automation opportunities for productivity improvement and cost reduction

Process Intelligence for Automation Discovery

Process Intelligence for
Automation Discovery

Applying Skan Process Intelligence to automation initiatives ensures consistent success. Begin by establishing a comprehensive current-state understanding through data and models, followed by establishing measurable KPIs pre and post-automation for validation. Conclude with data-driven root cause analysis and automation pattern detection, empowering businesses to continuously optimize and enhance outcomes.

Discover RPA and Gen AI automation opportunities

Discover RPA and Gen AI Automation Opportunities

Implementing automation based on guesswork, human interviews, or manual discovery is error-prone and susceptible to mistakes or misinterpretations. This often results in failed implementations, automation workflows with errors, extensive bot rework, and missed automation targets.  

Skan can pinpoint both robotic process automation (RPA) and generative AI automation opportunities for productivity improvement and cost reduction, offering insights into the preferred automation technology (whether RPA or generative AI) for specific projects. 

Automating Employee Onboarding  

One of our clients using Skan's productivity insights identified that their employee onboarding process is highly suited for robotic process automation (RPA) due to its lower cost and ease of implementation. With this approach, productivity was lifted at an individual task level, like the time it takes operators to set up employee credentials or the provisioning of workspace and laptops.

25 %

Reduction in turnaround time


Annual cost savings

30 %

Reduction in processing time

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