Skan Process Intelligence

Realtime, continuous, data driven, visibility into
business operations so that you can measure,
analyze and improve KPIs to drive profitable
growth and manage risk

Skan Process Intelligence

Skan Platform

Skan Process Intelligence is an always-on observation platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously capture and measure how people work and how operations run. With Skan, you gain real-time actionable insights to manage and improve business processes with enterprise scale, data privacy and security. 

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Digital Twin of Operations

Enterprise operations can often appear as a Black Box. While we understand the inputs and outputs, the intricate activities of hundreds of individuals within these operations remain unseen. Using AI to observe all relevant human-system interactions, Skan generates a digital twin of operations – analytic models of how people work and operations run.  This provides a continuous, detailed, and reliable view of end-end processes across all participants, all applications, all time and all transactions.

  • 360° view of operations
  • Privacy first
  • AI-powered insights
  • Continuous, real-time
  • Speed to value
  • Operational intelligence

Unparallel Al-powered Observation


Continuous Data Capture

Continuously captures every workflow variation, detailing paths, participants, and software usage across any timeframe, from minutes to months at scale.


Broad Application Capture

Records all applications used in your process, including Mainframe, Citrix, meeting apps (e.g. Zoom), desktop and web-based.


Actionable Insights

Delivers comprehensive insights - such as individual or group productivity, and unit cost of processing – to measure, analyze and improve KPIs.

Privacy First Architecture

Privacy First Architecture

The Skan’s Privacy First Architecture is designed to maximize data privacy. Skan builds its process maps using high-level meta data only, without the need to access any of your company’s or users’ confidential data or documents. With Skan, sensitive and confidential data never leaves your corporate servers. 

  • Allow-listed applications
  • Data masking and anonymization
  • GDPR compliance
Truste_Logo aicpa-soc-logo ISO_IEC 27001

TrustArc's Enterprise Privacy Certification, which includes GDPR, applies only to the Skan Process Intelligence product​.

Data Security and Privacy

Responsible AI

Skan builds trusted and responsible AI that is transparent, safe, and designed to protect your data and privacy.

  • Data security and privacy
  • Data integrity
  • AI accuracy and reliability
  • Ethical use of AI

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