Process conformance & compliance

Continuously monitor KPIs, identify performance and compliance gaps, assess root causes, and take action to reduce gaps with precision and speed

Process conformance & compliance

Process Conformance & Compliance

While organizations embed standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, and best practices in their applications, ‘shadow operations' routinely emerge. To ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance, Skan enables statistical process control so that you can measure and monitor critical KPI exceptions, linked to SLA violations, on a continuous, real-time basis.

Comparative process gap analysis

Comparative Process Gap Analysis

To ensure process conformance, Skan enables detailed comparative process gap analysis: comparing processes to reference models and SOPs, or simply across units, subsidiaries, or countries. 

Root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Once process gaps are identified, you can use Skan’s multivariate root cause analysis to evaluate the impact of key drivers on process inefficiencies, and to identify the drivers that matter most.

With Skan, you continuously monitor processes in real-time, detect compliance and conformance gaps, evaluate root causes, assess the impact of alternative courses of action and take action to reduce gaps with precision and speed.

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