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Skan Case Studies

Learn how Skan is helping customers across insurance, healthcare services, banking, and manufacturing build a data-driven view of their digital processes.

Leading Fortune 50 Health Services company adopted Skan to accelerate Robotic Process Automation and drive efficiency in customer experience


The Head of Global Operations responsible for Intelligent Automation at a Fortune 50 Healthcare Services company wanted to transform theirs claims operation to drive efficiencies and a more digital customer experience across five product lines. Critical to execution was developing a true baseline of their processes, identifying non-value add tasks and repetitive steps, and building a baseline view of system usage, bottlenecks and metrics associated with the customer experience.


Skan’s automated process discovery capability created a clear and transparent view of the end-to-end claims process, and identified process variants, bottlenecks and automation opportunities. Skan was also able to integrate its process data with the client’s line-of-business data to enable results-based prioritization and the ability to measure the pre/post impact of implemented RPA workflows.

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Leading Insurance company leveraged automated process discovery to drive continuous process improvement


The Chief Claims Officer at a major group insurance organization aspired to improve overall claims productivity by reducing non-value added review, documentation and correspondence activities. Additionally, the company needed end-to-end process transparency while building a data model to enable continuous process improvement.


Skan enabled greater visibility into the operational component of their Claims Management process and provided detailed unit cost analysis as well as the advancement of real-time dashboards that measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like frequency, processing time, and turnaround time as visual aids for Operations leadership. Skan’s solution also enabled the ability to perform variant comparisons to visually inspect how processes are executed differently between participants to determine a model process.

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Fortune 500 Insurance carrier drives process optimization and digital transformation to enhance account management


The Head of Sales, Distribution & Service at a Fortune 500 insurance carrier needed to optimize key processes across their Service function including customer metrics & reporting, renewals, service requests and complaint handling. Customers were dissatisfied with the service provided and senior management had limited understanding of this functions day-to-day operations and tasks.


Skan built a data-driven view of the workloads associated with key activities and how work flowed across process variants, helping the organization measure true customer delivery metrics. After building an internal process library, the carrier was able to achieve significant standardization and identified opportunities for improving their end-to-end reporting function.

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Large financial services company deploys Skan process intelligence to drive compliance and conformance in internal audit


The Internal Audit department of a large financial services company needed to make their audits more fact based and to assess processes more broadly by adding analytics and advanced technologies to their toolkit. Additionally, there was a desire to create ongoing monitoring and an action plan achievement validation


Skan is helping to create detailed mapping of process variants to enable the audit team to effectively evaluate the core financial, customer and payment processes vs. the stated procedures. Additionally, Skan will analyze process variants to provide the ability to add controls, improve standardization and ensure compliance.

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