Automation Discovery

Identify and quantify RPA and cognitive automation opportunities to address inefficiencies and close performance gaps

Automation Discovery (3)

Automation Discovery

Along with process standardization, automation is a critical step in closing process performance gaps. While process automation boosts efficiencies, sustainable business value is often limited, because it assumes actual data is available post-automation only. Skan addresses this by offering detailed, comprehensive pre-automation operational data for reliable, precise business case development.

With Skan, your analysts are able to discover both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive automation opportunities, quantifying value, and create robust business cases for improvements.

Cognitive automation

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation opportunities are activities that can be automated using generative AI. For instance, automatically generating a customer letter from a library of approved templates based on business data and process context. With Skan, your process analysts can identify precise tasks that are suitable for cognitive automation, use powerful what-if analytics to simulate outcomes based on various driver assumptions, and create a reliable, robust business case for the path forward.

Measuring pre and post automation impact

Measuring Pre and Post Automation Impact

With Skan’s continuous, real-time monitoring capability, your process analyst is able to measure and compare KPIs before and after the improvement initiative to validate and document reliable ROI.

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