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Drive human-centric productivity by focusing on workforce, process and technology levers to enable your team to accomplish more with less.

Process Intelligence for Future of Work

Process Intelligence for

In the age of AI and automation, Process Intelligence plays a pivotal role in shaping future of work models by creating clear visibility into the digital landscape of work and providing essential metrics that drive workforce productivity. Operations leaders use Process Intelligence to:

  • Establish a reliable baseline for improvement
  • Outline potential business benefits from increased productivity
  • Gain insights into actionable strategies to achieve these benefits
  • Maximize their team's productivity, to accomplish more with less
Shaping the Future of Work

Actionable Strategies to Achieve Improvements

With Skan's Process Intelligence, organizations uncover productivity variations across their workforce, analyze precise workforce, process and technology drivers of productivity, and focus on how to achieve continuous improvement. They use Skan to:

  • Measure baseline productivity across workforce segments
  • Use what-if analytics to estimate the potential financial gains from improving productivity
  • Analyze and improve the productivity levers to boost team productivity
  • Continuously keep track of enhancements and identify new opportunities for productivity improvements

Enterprise Productivity Use Case 

A global high-tech organization sought strategies to improve workforce efficiency, to improve throughput without adding resources. However, it lacked detailed visibility into work dynamics and the drivers of productivity. Utilizing Skan's AI-powered Process Intelligence, the company was able to measure baseline productivity across four team segments, estimate the potential value of improvements, identify and analyze eight core metrics that drive productivity and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

50 %

Improvement in team productivity

40 %

Improvement in workforce utilization

26 %

Improvement in new hire time to proficiency

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