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Process Intelligence for Future of Work

Process Intelligence for

With Process Intelligence, organizations can identify productivity patterns, bottlenecks, and proficiency gaps. With productivity insights that can empower leaders to pinpoint training needs and maximize the value of their human capital. 

  • Maximizing human capital value amidst continuous automation
  • Upskilling for emerging human-machine hybrid roles
  • Addressing employee experience challenges like burnout and promoting work-life balance
Shaping the Future of Work

Shaping the Future of Work

Skan Process Intelligence plays a pivotal role in shaping future work models by creating precise process maps that accurately reflect the digital landscape of work, providing essential metrics on workforce productivity and process throughput. It effectively identifies bottlenecks, rework, and unnecessary manual steps, determining their root causes and evaluating the impact of interventions on key performance indicators (KPIs). Skan Process Intelligence empowers organizations to: 

  • Assess employee skills for targeted training
  • Monitor productivity to design performance compensation plans

Enterprise Hiring Use Case 

A U.S.-based client organization lacked well-defined process models required to recruit and train local employees for their sites. Utilizing Skan's AI-powered Process Intelligence, the company was able to identify, standardize, and oversee work from any location, leveraging cost-effective and widely available talent pools. 

50 %

Improvement in operator productivity

40 %

Improvement in workforce utilization

26 %

Improvement in new hire time to proficiency

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