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Drive continuous improvement, innovation, and
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Process Intelligence for OPEX

Process Intelligence for Operational Excellence

Leading organizations use Skan for operation excellence to drive continuous improvement, innovation, and optimal resource allocation for better business outcomes.  Skan Process Intelligence captures processes based on the digital trace of work, providing a reliable, detailed representation of people, process, and technology over time within the Operational Excellence (OPEX) framework.  

  • Leading functions use Skan to drive better business outcomes 
  • Standardization of processes
  • Ability to optimize processes
  • Ongoing monitoring of processes
  • Ability to control process outcomes
Why Skan Use Cases

Why Skan

Amid growing complexity and variability in business operations, operational excellence is vital for a competitive edge. However, most organizations lack visibility into their operations due to limitations in legacy process discovery tools. These tools have data capture gaps, preventing the delivery of real-time, actionable intelligence. As a result, organizations struggle to assess performance gaps, identify root causes, evaluate improvement opportunities, build a business case for the path forward, and continually monitor the impact of enhancements. 

Skan Process Intelligence solves this by discovering processes through the digital trace of work. This approach ensures the creation of the most precise and detailed representation of people, processes, and technology to provide new capabilities: 

  • Ensure leading and lagging indicators of operational process are measured and monitored continuously
  • Identify, measure and analyze the exact chain of activities required to deliver a product or service to customers, including the inefficiencies & bottlenecks
  • Discover, deliver, and control the flow of value to your customers

Customer Experience Use Case 

In order to drive operational excellence in customer experience, one organization used Skan’s AI-powered Process Intelligence to measure, analyze and improve leading and lagging indicators across the customer journey that directly related to customer satisfaction. With Skan, it was able to gain reliable visibility into factors like total turnaround time and error rates in order to make improvements and control business outcomes. 


In savings from process variability elimination and standardization

30 %

Reduction in process turn-around time

20 %

Improvement in production volume

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