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Ensure Process Integrity and Compliance Through Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

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Process Intelligence for Quality Assurance & Compliance 

A Quality and Compliance System built on Skan’s AI-powered Process Intelligence platform ensures real-time, auditable data to manage quality and ensure process conformance in human-centric digital operations. It enhances outcomes by providing precise quality KPI data, impacting profitability, revenues, and customer experience. The system offers a data-centric view, measuring SLA adherence, error rate, process variance, first-pass rate, and throughput for precise and actionable results in human-centric operations.

Leverage a digital twin of operations

A True Digital Twin of Business Operations

Skan’s AI-powered Process Intelligence captures all human-system interactions through a digital trace of events, transforming them into data, models, and analytics. This representation, known as the "digital twin" of operations, generates the evidence and traceability essential for quality and compliance management systems.  Skan’s ability to track, report, and audit quality and compliance in real-time, including human-system interactions enables enterprises to improve quality and SLA adherence.

Customer Service Use Case 

One organization trying to improve customer service, used Skan's AI-powered  Process Intelligence to gain insights into the customer service workflow. By analyzing data on customer interactions, response times, and issue resolutions, the organization is able to identify process compliance gaps and measure quality metrics, leading to improvement in customer experience.

30 %

Improvement in First Pass Rate

25 %

Reduction in error rates and case rework

20 %

Improvement in SLA adherence

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