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We’re excited to engage with a global ecosystem of Consulting and Technology leaders to work with us to bring the power of Skan’s Process Intelligence platform to more customers globally and transform how we deliver data-driven actionable solutions to our customers. To get started, please complete our Partner Intake form and join us in our journey.

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A comprehensive and differentiated offering

Our holistic end-to-end process intelligence solution is built around a privacy-first architecture and delivers detailed metric-based insights. Introduce existing and new customers to a range of strategic & complementary use cases by leveraging Skan’s platform.

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Automation and Transformation

Our broad range of use cases include serving as the foundation for automation and digital transformation efforts. Unlock critical operational and quality metrics which will serve as the foundation to guide automation and transformation efforts

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Grow with Us

Generate incremental revenue by referring customers to Skan. Our platform will enable you and the customer to identify “new” areas of potential opportunity outside the purview what is known today.

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