Skan Process Discovery & Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of how people work and how operations run, with real-time actionable insights to manage and improve operations

Process Discovery & Analysis

Process Discovery &

Skan uses AI-powered observation to capture all human interactions across all applications, and then combines these observed events into a case narrative across processes, applications, participants, and timeframes in the form of adaptable, maintainable, and validated process models.

  • No need for time-consuming, expensive integrations into back-end event logs and application data bases.
  • This gives you rapid time to value, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Easily validate

Easily Validate

Your process analysts validate how work is performed with the aid of the Skan Clickstream in the form of a video playback of each event.  You can view the clickstreams at the case level or at the participant level for auditability and training; and are able to use this as an evidence package to meet regulatory requirements. 

  • Skan Clickstream allows you to view screen captures of each human interaction event.
  • All this is provided within Skan’s data privacy framework that masks, anonymizes sensitive information, and records only approve-listed applications.
Quickly find inefficiencies

Quickly Find Inefficiencies

Based on the discovered processes, Skan reveals inefficiencies in workforce, processes and application usage, and makes improvement recommendations aligned with methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, and total quality management.  It complements traditional business process analysis, aiding your analysts in documenting, analyzing, and optimizing complex processes. 

  • You visualize process models (maps), measure and analyze workforce, process and application usage KPIs to identify and quantify inefficiencies.

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