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Process Intelligence for Enterprise AI 

Leveraging Process Intelligence in AI Adoption initiatives empowers organizations to position themselves for success in the evolving landscape of work.  Generative AI is a form of AI capable of producing original content such as text, images, audio, and video. It has emerged as a significant catalyst for enhancing knowledge work through the power to augment insights, facilitate decision-making and support real-time execution in the workplace. However, for it to effectively accelerate the next industrial revolution in business operations, generative AI must be coupled with a deep understanding of how work gets done and how operations run, provided by Process Intelligence.

AI-powered Process Intelligence

AI-powered Process Intelligence 

Applying generative AI to process intelligence data creates the next breakthrough in knowledge worker productivity.  Skan Process Intelligence captures a deep understanding of how employees work and business operations run. Skan trains generative AI on process intelligence data to find inefficiencies, recommend improvements, and even do some work for you.  It enables new capabilities to automate knowledge discovery, what-if analysis and simulation, guided decision-making, and autonomous execution.  You empower your organization to achieve greater efficiency, innovation, and adaptability, driving improved performance and competitiveness. 

Applying Generative AI in Claims Management

An insurance company utilizes Skan ProcessGPT to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in claims management through the strategic application of generative AI. By analyzing vast operational datasets, the organization identifies patterns and anomalies, enabling actionable insights for optimizing workflows, streamlining processes

75 %

Reduction in time to insights

50 %

Reduction in process variability through intelligent process guidance

30 %

Improvement in productivity through automation of repetitive cognitive tasks

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