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Increase user adoption, optimize application utilization, and improve overall digital experiences.

Process Intelligence for User Adoption

Process Intelligence for Digital Adoption

Leveraging Process Intelligence in User Adoption initiatives empowers organizations to enhance user onboarding, improve user productivity, reduce learning curves, gain real-time guidance and support, enhance user engagement and satisfaction, empower continuous learning, and optimize software utilization. Our capabilities enable you to: 

  • Reduce user onboarding complexity 
  • Reverse low user adoption rates 
  • Improve software utilization
Enhance user onboarding

Enhance User Onboarding

Skan for user adoption facilitates seamless onboarding with interactive, step-by-step guidance, enhancing user proficiency swiftly. It fosters higher engagement through real-time support, optimizing software utilization and ensuring organizations derive maximum value. Additionally, it aids change management by providing in-app guidance during transitions, reducing resistance and facilitating smoother adoption of new tools. Users are empowered to independently address queries through in-app guidance and self-service resources, minimizing reliance on support teams and enhancing resource efficiency. 

New Hire Onboarding  

One organization was trying to improve the time to proficiency of new hires in using core software applications. With Skan's AI-powered Process Intelligence, the company analyzes user interactions, work rates, and proficiency levels within the applications, gaining valuable insights into the effectiveness of training programs. This data-driven methodology pinpoints areas for improvement and helps optimize the training experience for new hires, boosting their productivity while reducing rework.

26 %

Improvement in new hire “time to proficiency”

25 %

Reduction in error rates and case rework 

50 %

Improvement in operator productivity

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