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Reimagine Business Operations: 5 Insights from Skan & Gartner

As the virtual curtains close on the insightful collaboration between Skan and Gartner, we stand at the threshold of a new frontier in business operations. In our latest webinar, "Reimagine Business Operations with Gen AI-Powered Process Intelligence," we had the opportunity to hear from Vinay Mummigatti, EVP of Strategy & Transformation at Skan, and Mark Kerremans, VP of Research at Gartner, as they shared their unique view on how Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of business operations.

Together, both industry experts concurred that the integration of Gen AI with Process Intelligence represents the strategic cornerstone for enhancing efficiency, fostering innovation, and securing a competitive edge for enterprises across industries. Here we have 5 key insights that emerged from this enriching exchange:


  1. Process Intelligence: The Fuel for Transformation

Trailblazing ahead of Process & Task Mining, Process Intelligence has become the fuel that propels transformation forward. By gaining visibility on current processes, whether structured, semi structured, or unstructured, Process Intelligence can identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of opportunity for improvement.

Vinay emphasized that AI-Powered Process Intelligence is not just an outcome of transformation, but rather the foundation that enables and accelerates it. By providing data-driven insights into your current processes, Process intelligence helps you identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions to focus your transformation efforts in the best way possible.


  1. A Continuous Journey Driven by Data

The journey to transformation isn’t a one-time fix. As Marc pointed out, it's a continuous cycle. By constantly monitoring and analyzing processes, and evaluating use cases by time, cost, and business value, organizations need to ensure that transformation efforts remain aligned with their evolving business goals.

To achieve this, leveraging Process Intelligence in AI Adoption initiatives becomes crucial. Gen AI-Powered Process Intelligence provides real-time feedback to guide adjustments and optimization along the way.


  1. Overcoming the Enterprise Black Box

Traditionally, organizations struggled with a lack of transparency in their operations, often encountering “Operational Black Boxes”. These are areas within a process where there is limited visibility into how work actually gets done. This lack of clarity makes it difficult to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

A Digital Twin, which is a virtual representation of real-world business operations that is continuously updated with real-time data, can help address these challenges. By leveraging tools like Skan, organizations can create a Digital Twin of their processes, to access data, models, analytics, and process simulations, empowering leaders to make better decisions about process improvement and transformation.


  1. Leadership Ownership: The Key to Success

To be successful, Process Intelligence, as with other transformation initiatives, needs a strong leadership buy-in. Both experts stressed the importance of business leaders formally taking ownership of transformation efforts and ensuring that these initiatives align with strategic objectives and goals.

As a 2021 article by Forbes highlights, a leader’s behavior sets the tone for the transformation journey. Leaders who embrace change, demonstrate agility, and champion new ways of working create a culture that supports the transformation. A digital transformation can’t be achieved by just acquiring new technologies if it lacks strong leadership.


5.  Building the Future Workforce

To fully harness the potential of Gen AI-Powered Process Intelligence, organizations will need to invest in a new breed of skills. Vinay and Marc highlighted the need for employees with a blend of skill in data analysis, transformation, and process excellence. Establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, to drive advancements in Automation Discovery, and digital adoption.

Extracting insights from end-to-end processes can be overwhelming, making it difficult to pinpoint starting points, prioritize improvements, and truly understand the interconnectedness of various steps. This is where Gen AI-Powered Process Intelligence comes in. By analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying patterns, Generative AI can provide the context and insights needed to illuminate the bigger picture.

This empowers organizations to gain a deeper understanding of how different parts of the process interact and influence each other. With this newfound clarity, organizations can make informed decisions about where to focus their transformation efforts, and ensure they are optimizing the entire process, not just isolated tasks, while achieving significant improvements in productivity, and Compliance.

By embracing these insights and implementing the right strategies, organizations can leverage Gen AI-Powered Process Intelligence to transform their business operations, achieve greater efficiency, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Click here to watch the full webinar on-demand. To learn more about Skan and AI-Powered Process Intelligence, book a demo to talk to one of our experts!

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