Skan PRISM – Privacy and Information Security at the Forefront

One of the challenges of the modern digital systems is the proliferation of systems and the associated Data floating around in various cloud infrastructures. Large global enterprises in regulated industries have substantial brand equity to protect, and data outside their firewall is a challenge of immense proportions.

Skan PRISM (Skan Privacy and Information Security Machine) is yet another evolution of the process discovery and management revolution that Skan is embarking on.

Enterprises are concerned about employee personal privacy and information security, and rightfully so. From social engineering to cyber hacks, every day, there is yet another negative headline about data breaches and security lapses.

Skan’s computer-vision based and machine learning-enabled process discovery engine is what we call a digital, AI, and Enterprise native platform. The background of the founding team and the ethos of the company is to deliver a product that addresses the concerns, challenges, and preferences of large enterprises.

Skan PRISM is a synthesis of our vision, feedback and requests from customers, and best practices from the industry.

What Skan PRISM does?

Skan PRISM is a gateway server where the hardware is provisioned by the customer and resides on-premises within the firewall. During the deployment phase, Skan provides a docker image to install and configure the machine. Skan PRISM acts as a nerve center and an inflection point for various security and privacy-related functions. The goal of SKAN PRISM is to let our customers own and keep the data and information within their firewall.

Skan’s computer vision algorithm – VPA (Virtual Process Agent) - records essential interactions of process agents with digital systems and funnels the screen feeds to Skan PRISM.

PRISM intercepts the screen feeds and redacts information at the source at a pixel level from the screen feeds. This Data is never recoverable and removed irretrievably.

Subject to a client request, Skan PRISM also helps with the anonymization of process data, which delinks the process performance with any named agent.

Skan PRISM also retains all the core data within the server. It only communicates the metadata to the Skan Cloud. Skan’s cloud-based data science and machine learning algorithms analyze the digital exhaust and compile a meta-process model with all the variants in a process.

Why Skan PRISM is a Unique Value Proposition?

  • It establishes clear and unambiguous ownership of Data. Our enterprise clients own the data. Period.
  • Data that stays home is not subject to Cyberattacks. While we take enormous cybersecurity precautions, the fact that the PRISM server is within the firewall is comforting to CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers.)
  • It makes it easy to adhere to data privacy laws such as GDPR (in Europe) and CCPA (California). Of course, conformance to GDPR and CCPA is more than just having a server on-premises. Skan can help with data regulatory compliance end-to-end, of which the Skan PRISM is an essential foundation.

To learn more about Skan PRISM, an integral part of the Skan Process Intelligence Platform, please contact Skan Sales Team.

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