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Skan's Opportunity to Be Greater

Skan's process intelligence platform uses machine learning and computer vision to provide a complete view of digital processes. Skan can help organizations be greater by continuously understanding how real work is being done.

As with every year, every company will face many challenges and have the opportunity to overcome them. 2021 was no different, and the Skan team and I am excited about the way our company took the opportunity to overcome these challenges. Opportunities to be greater come from many angles, customers, partners, investors, and even our own people. In this rapidly growing #processintelligence industry, opportunities surface everyday, and how we handle these opportunities that will determine the success of our company.

Our customers: 

Customers, typically supply the biggest challenges any organization can face and every customer provides their own set of unique challenges. Customers will continue to cause us to reflect on how we show up and deliver on our promises. It is our customers who own the responsibility of their investment into Skan, but we relish the opportunity to share that responsibility to ensure customers are meeting and exceeding the expectations of our platform. We saw a 10x increase in our customer base in 2021 and that means we saw a 10x increase in new opportunities to help organizations succeed. So, when our customers challenge us to be innovative and think differently, we welcome that opportunity.

Our partners: 

Skan’s partners are often the lifeline of opportunistic use cases. Partnerships are built on trust and confidence that together; we bring the best solution for our clients. Partners are wisely always evaluating and looking for the best solutions to place in their toolkit. Therefore, it is imperative that Skan continue to evolve to see the opportunities our partners present. The opportunity we have in 2022 is to educate and expand our partner network and bring the best collection of talent and technology to our customers. We welcome that opportunity.

Our investors: 

Skan’s investors bring obvious opportunities of growth in every aspect of the word. From customer growth to market growth to revenue growth to company growth, it is the number one opportunity investors have for their investees. As with every investor, they need to be convinced that your service or product is going to hit growth projections before they invest. In 2021, Skan was able to grow in all facets and look forward to an even better 2022. We appreciate our investors for believing in us and we welcome new opportunities.

Our people: 

The most important asset to Skan are the people who believe our product is the best solution for our customers. When I look throughout our organization, I see people who are willing to take the opportunity to challenge ourselves first, then deliver the best #processintelligence solution on the market. Taking challenges head on and conquering them is a thrill for our people and I am thrilled to be a part of this team. We are always looking for the next wave of talent to our rapidly growing team. The people challenge me just as much as I challenge them and I welcome that challenge.

Challenges come in many shapes and sizes, but at Skan, we see them as an opportunity to be greater for our customers, our people, our partners, and our investors. In 2022 and beyond, it will be our responsibility to challenge each of you and take the opportunity to #begreater.

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