Global Bank Teams with Skan to Enhance Procedure Review Audit Process

  • IndustryBanking & Financial Services
  • Company Size 200,000+
  • Revenue $90B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This client, through its subsidiaries, provides banking and financial products and services for individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, institutional investors, large corporations, and governments worldwide.

It operates through four segments: Consumer Banking, Global Wealth and Investment Management, Global Banking, and Global Markets. They provide their products and services through approximately 5,000 financial centers, 16,000+ ATMs, call centers, and online and mobile platforms.



The client's primary objective was to streamline their documentation procedures and enhance their review process by minimizing the need for manual efforts. They aimed to achieve this while simultaneously improving the speed and accuracy of their documentation. Additionally, they sought to address the issue of undocumented procedures, which were generating a significant backlog.

They aimed to reduce variations in quality and throughput to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes, thus optimizing their capacity requirements. Furthermore, the client sought to enhance the time-to-proficiency for operators and establish a digital trace of their process documentation for regulatory and audit purposes. The client’s aggressive mission also involved another element: they wanted to reach their goals without adding manpower.


reduction in time spent on creating procedure documentation​.

Cost Savings

reduction in cost of processing a case by eliminating redundant activities​.



Skan used the Skan Expert Assistant to capture process metrics and hierarchy. This allowed the generation of a Standard Operating Procedure document in real time. Additionally, the implementation of Flexible Process Maps helped in a thorough examination of process bottlenecks and critical paths at various levels of detail, helping this customer compare process performance effectively. 

Skan's assistance was instrumental in identifying the factors that influence Processing Time and Variant Analysis, enabling a comprehensive investigation into the root cause of many pressing issues. 

Furthermore, the real-time "Unit Cost Analysis" feature provided by Skan facilitated continuous cost optimization, ensuring that businesses can make informed decisions to enhance their financial performance.



With the automated real-time documentation system in place, the client was empowered with a comprehensive understanding of their current state, benchmark standards, and were able to identify improvement opportunities. The recommendations from Skan helped them kickstart automation & process transformation initiatives. 

By highlighting all the variants that contribute to an increase in processing time, Skan provided crucial insights for process standardization. 

With Skan, the client was able to achieve optimal efficiency and drive continuous improvement through formal, data-backed analysis.

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