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AI-driven Process Revolution: Imperatives for Reengineering, Transformation, and Automation

Tune in to the recording of our keynote session at OPEX Week and learn why Process Intelligence is the missing link in operational excellence and business transformation.

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Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida
  • 3Days Event
  • 90+Speakers

Session Highlights

The dynamic discussion featuring Lokesh Venugopal, Senior Director, Business Transformation & Digital Enablement at Dell EMC, and Vinay Mummigatti, EVP - Strategy, Customer Success & Marketing at Skan, highlights the common pitfalls in digital transformations and how to overcome them with process intelligence and generative AI. It also unveils how Skan's innovative platform paves the way for business excellence by redefining processes with a data-driven approach. 

Key topics:

  • Common pitfalls in digital transformation
  • Missing link in business transformation
  • Evolution of Process Intelligence
  • Dell's innovation journey
vinay profile pictures

Vinay Mummigatti

EVP - Strategy & Customer Transformation
lokesh profile picture

Lokesh Venugopal

Senior Director at Dell, Business
Transformation & Digital Enablement
Dell Technologies
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During the event, Skan took the spotlight, showcasing the transformative magic of artificial intelligence at our booth. Renowned magician Danny Orleans captivated attendees, demonstrating how seamlessly Skan revolutionizes enterprise operations.

At Skan, we believe in the power of innovation, and OPEX Week provided the perfect platform to share our vision with industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

Read our blog post, where we share highlights from our experience at the event and share new possibilities to achieve operational excellence. 

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