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Skan Jumpstart

Your Shortcut to Process Intelligence

Skan is an always-on observation platform that uses AI to continuously capture and measure how people work and how operations run, providing real-time actionable intelligence to manage and improve business processes at an enterprise scale.

For business, operations, and transformation managers who need a fast, resource-efficient way to evaluate the impact of process intelligence on their business operations, Skan Jumpstart is the answer.

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What is Skan Jumpstart?

Utilizing the latest in computer vision and deep learning, Skan helps customers truly understand their processes so they can plan digital transformation and automation efforts, drive continuous organization-wide process improvement, build strategic employee training initiatives, and more.

Dive into the future of business optimization with Skan Jumpstart an immersive two-week free trial of Skan's Process Intelligence Platform. Experience the platform firsthand, no lengthy setup or formal business processes required. Elevate your business operations intelligence effortlessly with Skan!

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Insights You Gain

  • Workforce Insights: Productivity, proficiency, utilization, skill gaps, and more metrics to make data-driven decisions on capacity planning, change management, and training. 
  • Technology Insights: Utilization and data analysis of digital investments (ERP, CRM, Legacy/homegrown applications, and any other on-premise or cloud-based applications) to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize ROI from technology capital.
  • Process Intelligence: Use case-level productivity, process maps, and process variability analysis to pinpoint bottlenecks and execute incremental changes to enable sustainable process excellence.
  • Automation Discovery: Data-driven process discovery to rank and prioritize automation opportunities to maximize impact and value realization from automation. 
  • Unit Cost Analysis: A comprehensive evaluation of both direct and indirect costs linked to production or services, enabling informed and objective decision-making regarding cost allocation and pricing strategies.

With every free trial, you get

  • Virtual Assistant licenses to capture data across any applications.
  • Access to the Skan Portal on cloud for analytics and reporting.
  • Dedicated Skan support team and live chat.
  • Access to Skan University and online enablement content.

    Get your access to the Jumpstart today and explore the unprecedented power of process intelligence for free!
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Jumpstart Benefits

  • Quick Setup: Easy installation of VA, connection to Skan cloud, and access to Skan portal for analytics and reporting.
  • Easy Task Capture: Observe all tasks on your workstation - no formal business process required.
  • Real-time Validation: Review video playback (Clickstream) and process map of your captured tasks.
  • Analyze Work: Review workforce and technology analysis of your recorded work.
  • Go Deeper: Explore pre-configured Process Intelligence and Unit Cost reports, complete with pre-populated sample data, to uncover compelling examples of value and the extensive capabilities of the Skan Platform.