Skip to content and Aligned Automation Partnership Leads Customers Toward Transformation Success

The Skan platform helps customers “X-ray” their processes to identify improvement opportunities, allowing Aligned Automation to implement faster and more reliable transformation solutions.

MENLO PARK, CA, June 22, 2022Across industries, organizations stall or fail in their transformation efforts. Why? Because many organizations start transformations without understanding how their organization operates.

Enter the Skan and Aligned Automation partnership. As a surgeon performs an X-ray to identify a specific problem, Skan’s leading platform for process intelligence captures data and insights for a nuanced understanding of a company’s transformation requirements. Skan’s platform is always on and continuously monitors the progress of operations. With comprehensive process data from Skan, Aligned Automation’s business and technical experts can quickly implement and sustain the right-fit digital solutions to meet client needs.

Avinash Misra, CEO and Co-Founder of Skan, said:

“Skan’s process intelligence platform X-ray’s your organization’s operations, identifies improvement opportunities, and provides Aligned Automation a clear understanding of where to transform. By creating the perfect blend of data-driven insights and consulting expertise, this partnership will position clients for ultimate success with transformation.”

The resulting partnership also adds faster time-to-value for clients. Aligned Automation CEO and Founder Nitin Ahuja remarked: “The Skan platform enables our team to quickly identify value-added services and solutions. The nimble application paired with our digital experts uncovers accelerated success across the enterprise value chain.”

About Skan

Skan helps organizations be greater at business by helping them improve the way they operate. Our secure and privacy first platform is quick to install, requires zero integration, has zero disruptions and operates at scale. Utilizing AI-driven computer vision, Skan continuously observes work as it happens to capture an accurate, complete understanding of business processes.

About Aligned Automation

From vision to value, Aligned Automation is a digital transformation service provider that drives functional excellence through the enterprise value chain. Partners and clients trust us to deliver meaningful outcomes and sustain performance. With deep data and digital skill sets, we believe in maximizing existing investments and partnering with the world's leading technology resources to uncover trapped value and win in the digital age.


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