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Skan is defining the next frontier of work with ProcessGPT

Combining the power of generative AI with the context of your business operations at the point of work

Frontier of work

Skan ProcessGPT - a suite of augmented intelligence and execution solutions


Skan's continuous observation platform uses AI to capture and measure how employees work and how business operations run. We call the output: process intelligence data. Skan trains generative AI on process intelligence data to find inefficiencies, recommend improvements, and even do some of the work for you.

Core principles of Skan's generative Al solutions:

  • Observation-based process intelligence data is free of bias which ensures more reliable augmented intelligence and autonomous execution.
  • Skan trains generative AI foundation models on process intelligence data to ensure a deep understanding of your business context.
  • Skan builds trusted and responsible AI that is transparent, safe, and designed to protect your data and privacy.


Skan ProcessGPT extends process intelligence with generative AI to bridge the gap between insights and action

Core use case patterns for process intelligence and generative AI

Understand to Execute

Discover some of the upcoming generative AI innovations in Skan ProcessGPT

Create real-time, narrative insights

askSkan is a dialogue-based, insight discovery feature that uses generative AI to create real-time narrative insights directly from your process intelligence data.

Knowledge Discovery

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Discover and quantify the value of generative AI automation opportunities

Gen AI Opportunity Profiler identifies and quantifies the potential economic value of generative AI automation opportunities.

For instance, activities that involve large amounts of text, high number of keyboard events and take a long time receive a high generative AI automatability score.

What if analysis


Automate complex knowledge-driven tasks

Business Process Copilot recommends and helps execute the next best action at the point of work.

For example, it recommends and auto-fills the optimal customer correspondence template based on work context.

Content and Real time

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