Process Intelligence Playbook

Process Intelligence is revolutionizing the way enterprises are leveraging their digital transformation efforts to improve efficiency and optimize core business processes. With diverse goals and tech familiarity, where should organizations kickstart their journey into process intelligence? 

The Evolution of Process Improvement

The pursuit of refining business processes spans all the way from the era of industrial automation to today's digital-centric enterprises, with a timeless goal: boosting productivity and efficiency. Yet, the key to true process improvement has consistently been a granular understanding of these processes.

Enter our Process Intelligence Playbook, designed to help enterprises cultivate a precise understanding, laying the groundwork for significant operational enhancement.

Process Intelligence Use Cases

Explore the most common use cases of Process Intelligence, including process transparency, optimization, automation, digital transformation, and quality assurance & conformance. Each use case illustrates how Process Intelligence provides actionable insights for enhancing business processes across various domains. 

Build Valuable Strategies

Learn the best practices for building a Process Intelligence team, involving key stakeholders from different departments for a holistic approach. Understand the importance of a well-structured pilot plan, covering setup, process discovery, and analysis to ensure successful implementation and maximization of the tool's potential. 

What You'll Learn

  • Gain insight into various process discovery techniques and their respective strengths and challenges.

  • Understand the evolution and impact of process mining and task mining. 

  • The ability to view Process Intelligence as a comprehensive solution, combining the best aspects of both approaches for a detailed understanding of business processes. 

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