F300 Benefits Provider Partners with Skan to Gain “Visibility at Scale”

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 15,000+
  • Revenue $12B
  • Location United States

Our Client

As a Fortune 300, this American insurance company offers a full array of benefits solutions, including benefits communication, enrolment services, and claims support. They have paid $7.5 billion in benefits and protect 39 million people worldwide.



The client’s corporate history includes a long list of mergers and acquisitions, which led to integration challenges and internal process and data siloes. To that end, the firm embarked on a major digital transformation journey to streamline its claims operations business.

Its efforts to gain insight into its processes had been manual and anecdotal, stalling its transformation efforts. Further, employees highlighted different versions of the same processes, underlining inefficiencies and a lack of process standardization but not giving enough information to address them effectively. Eventually, the company turned to process intelligence, but it needed a product that could navigate its unique technology landscape.
streamlined processes through standardization and training.
Effective Approach
Visual Mining
approach for navigating through complex technology landscape. 


Skan’s “visual” approach to process intelligence helped the benefits provider overcome a complex technology landscape. They engaged Skan for their capability help organizations x-ray their processes and ability to leverage computer vision to comb through an entire series of tasks being performed on a screen across multiple applications and systems. It was easy to see why this would benefit an organization with such a complex technology landscape.

Once deployed, Skan broke down the processes in its claims operations business into individual steps and activities, providing what it described as “visibility at scale.”



With this insight, the benefits provider identified countless automation opportunities. For example, it found that many of its employees were still manually sending letters and emails, something it could automate. But it identified more than just automation opportunities; it also found opportunities to streamline processes through standardization and training.

One challenge the employee benefits insurance provider faced, albeit not unique to Skan, was leveraging its tools over longer periods due to the increased burden on hardware, sometimes impacting employee productivity. The benefits provider did note that Skan collaborated to solve this problem. 

Furthermore, due to continuous changes and new releases in their underlying claims system, Skan’s default data capture mechanism could not function continuously without manual intervention. In response, Skan enabled additional data collection mechanisms to adapt to the changing claims system, which the client claims solved their problem.

“The way Skan approaches the problem is unique. I haven’t seen anybody else doing it like this. While others would tap into internal systems or use event logs, Skan took the approach of visual mining.”

VP, Digital Strategy

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