Multinational Insurance Company Partners with Skan to improve customer reporting, renewals, and complaint handling

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 90,000+
  • Revenue $115B+
  • Location Europe

Our Client

This client is a French multinational insurance company headquartered in Paris. They provide investment management and other financial services. The group operates primarily in Western Europe, North America, the Indian Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa.


To provide senior management with visibility into operations, the client sought to develop a data-driven understanding of processes across business units. By linking process metrics to customer service KPIs, they aimed to quantify the impact of changes to workflows. With enhanced transparency and measurable insights, leadership could make informed decisions to optimize processes in support of service goals. The objective was to leverage data analytics to explore patterns and correlations between internal processes and external customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction
improved by implementing best practices
improvement opportunities through standardisation


Skan generated data-driven insights that identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies tied to critical tasks across different process types. By mapping workflows to service metrics, Skan revealed opportunities to optimize operations in ways that directly improved the customer experience. The analysis charted a course toward more efficient operations and higher customer satisfaction scores. With clarity on where to focus, the client was able to reallocate resources to improve customer service performance.


The client transformed its customer service operation thanks to Skan's actionable insights. By standardizing processes and adopting best practices, they created an internal playbook to equip employees with procedures for more efficient operations. The result? Happier customers and improved customer satisfaction scores. Skan unlocked the client's potential to deliver exceptional customer experience.

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