Leading Healthcare Services Provider Partners with Skan to improve pharmacists' productivity in Prior Authorization Process

  • IndustryHealthcare Payer
  • Company Size 10,000+
  • Revenue $6B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This Fortune 50 company leverages technology to provide health insurance for over 150+ million people across the U.S. For their customers, they merge the power of data with a full range of benefits to improve the healthcare experience from top to bottom.



The goal was to boost pharmacist productivity by 0.2 cases per hour. In addition, the organization sought to pinpoint which applications pharmacists were accessing outside the core system, along with time spent in these applications. Segmenting pharmacists by performance level would allow comparison of tasks completed, and identify opportunities for training, standardization, and automation. 

The intent was to monitor each screen within the main application, measure processing times and application usage patterns across business attributes. By tracking these metrics, they aimed to gain insight into pharmacist workflows and uncover opportunities to enhance efficiency.

Cost Savings
in potential savings identified by decreasing the application switching
Process Intelligence
improved by implementing suggested recommendations


Skan's insights revealed opportunities to optimize technology usage and improve efficiency. The analysis of application utilization uncovered variances - some pharmacists used certain tools more heavily than others. Skan proposed aligning workflows, training, and access to improve utilization.

The process variation and task switching data demonstrated that pharmacists toggled between multiple applications to complete their work. Skan recommended consolidating systems and simplifying workflows to reduce application switching.

Skan's group analysis highlighted differences in application usage across pharmacist segments and business units. By understanding these variances, the client is able to tailor solutions and training to meet each group's needs.

The insights provide a roadmap to increase technology adoption and create consistent, streamlined processes for pharmacists. With Skan's insights, pharmacists can work more efficiently and focus on patient care.



With actionable insights from Skan, this client discovered over $3 million in potential savings. By analyzing their existing applications and workflows, Skan identified opportunities to streamline processes and reduce non value-added tasks.

The results? More efficient operations. By implementing Skan's recommendations, the client boosted productivity. Employees could focus on higher-impact work, rather than manual processes. The company saved on licensing fees by optimizing their application usage.

With Skan's help, this business boosted their bottom line and empowered their workforce. The savings unlocked resources to invest in growth. Meanwhile, employees enjoyed more fulfilling roles.

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