Leading Healthcare Services Provider Partners with Skan to speed up the Letter Generation Process

  • IndustryHealthcare Payer
  • Company Size 10,000+
  • Revenue $6B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This Fortune 50 company leverages technology to provide health insurance for over 150+ million people across the U.S. For their customers, they merge the power of data with a full range of benefits to improve the healthcare experience from top to bottom.



The client's claims processing system was outdated and manual, making it time-consuming and inefficient to handle high case volumes. Reworking the claims process required navigating multiple screens in an antiquated mainframe application, an arduous process. The goal was to find ways to automate letter generation, improving productivity per hour worked (VPH). To develop insights, the client needed an analysis of:

  • The effort required across different application screens to process cases
  • The correlations between processing times, steps taken, and letter types generated

Automating letter generation could streamline claims reworking and boost efficiency. By understanding current workflows and letter generation patterns, targeted solutions could be identified.

We’ve already stated this in the first paragraph.

Cost Savings
Per year in realizable savings identified.
Process changes leading to enhanced throughput identified.


Skan generated valuable insights that revealed areas for improvement. By analysing time spent on process and non-process applications, Skan identified opportunities to streamline workflows. The task mining revealed the average time required to handle each letter case - pinpointing where automation could boost efficiency.

Skan didn't just spotlight issues - it suggested solutions. With complexity, opportunity and automation scoring, Skan identified automation opportunities. By mapping time on mainframe application screens and linking activities to each application, Skan revealed chances to optimize legacy systems.

With data-backed insights and targeted automation recommendations, Skan empowered the client to transform fragmented processes into streamlined systems. Skan’s expertise helped the client see their operations in a new light - and start the automation journey on the right foot.



Skan's insights shed light on how to streamline the letter generation process, leading to substantial cost savings. By pinpointing the application screens where employees spent the most time, Skan revealed opportunities to automate specific letter types from start to finish. This automation has resulted in an estimated $2 million of realizable annual savings. Beyond optimization, Skan's findings also inspired new product development ideas. By leveraging Skan's data-driven approach, the company gained actionable insights that drove increased efficiency and innovation.

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