Skan Helps Transportation & Logistics Leader Improve Agility to Thrive in Volatile Market

  • IndustryTransportation & Logistics
  • Company Size 15,000+
  • Revenue $5B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

This American freight and logistics solutions provider started over a century ago as a local freight hauler and today, is a logistics powerhouse solving complex supply challenges around the globe. With 15,000 employees across 250 locations, they connect shippers with the solutions they need.



The client wanted to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) to achieve faster invoice verification and processing to build a partner experience. They also wanted to plan proactively for disruptions and address inefficiencies for continuous improvement moving forward. 

The problem? They lacked an end-to-end view of their AP processes and didn’t have the KPIs or performance metrics in place to make meaningful change. 

Cost Savings

in annual savings through standardization and automation


improvement in workforce utilization



Skan evaluated the flow of 14,000+ invoices over 60 days and attained tangible insights on process optimization, workforce improvement, and automation. 

We built a digital twin of AP operations, trained the AI, and analyzed the granular work metrics which led to sharing actionable recommendations on improving operations and pricing, reducing cycle times, and Opex saving.  

With unbiased analysis of TMS procedures, we revealed automation opportunities, by process and task.



Skan suggested that standardization and automation of 80% of TMS activities will yield $3.75M in OPEX savings once implemented. As much as two minutes per case was spent "chasing" carriers on Outlook; integrating Outlook with the customer’s TMS cut the time in half. 

Actions related to work rebalancing, approvals, and suspensions reduced variability by 70%. 

Actions streamlining the approval chain and rebalancing role distribution yielded a quick Opex saving of $160,000. 

Root cause analysis revealed five carriers accounted for 80% of high-WT cases. Carrier checklists and work rebalancing actions cutting WT in half will yield a recurring Opex save of $100,000. 

"A lot of what we learned is something we had only a hypothesis around, but now we have true metrics and data-driven insights to back us up. The Skan team jumped in, learned about our business, and iterated rapidly with us.”

VP, Finance & Operations

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