Zinnov Automation X.0 2023

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Experience the fusion of automation and AI at the automation X.0 conference

Get access to the on-demand session and immerse yourself in the knowledge of how integrating Generative AI with cutting-edge automation technologies like RPA and Low Code/No Code is not just enhancing automation capabilities but also enabling platform players to reach new heights in product innovation and service offerings.

Discover how Skan and other leading technology players are infusing their solutions with advanced Generative AI capabilities, thereby empowering enterprises to automate complex tasks with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. This session offers a deep dive into practical, real-world use cases and strategies for deploying automation and Generative AI across various business functions.

  • 1Days Event
  • 10+Speakers

Meet Our Panel

Embrace the dawn of a new era in intelligent automation, invigorated by the transformative power of Generative AI. Join Avinash Misra, CEO of Skan, and a panel of esteemed industry thought leaders at the 3rd edition of Zinnov's flagship conference, Automation X.0. This session is a treasure trove of insights into how mid-market companies are leveraging the synergy of Automation and Generative AI to redefine their growth and transformation trajectories.
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Adi Kuruganti

Chief Product Officer
Automation Anywhere
avinas mishra skan ai

Avinash Misra

Co-founder & CEO

Brandon Nott

Chief Product Officer

Ulf Persso


Prankur Sharma

Principal - Automation/ AI
Session Chair

About Zinnov

Zinnov is a global management consulting firm with core expertise in Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Outsourcing Advisory. Zinnov is committed to empowering leading technology companies drive meaningful business outcomes.

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