Intelligent Automation Week 2024

Intelligent Automation Week  is your gateway to the latest Automation and Generative AI trends, success stories, and Process Intelligence solutions.

Meet Skan at IA Week

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Join us at IA Week 2024

As a premier event, IA Week 2024 brings together industry leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore how intelligent automation technologies such as AI, ML, RPA, and cognitive computing are transforming businesses across various sectors.    

Whether you are just starting your automation journey or looking to improve your existing transformation efforts, meet the experts from Skan at booth #302 and discover how AI-powered Process Intelligence can help enterprises pinpoint areas where automation can have the greatest impact.

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Renaissance Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas
  • 2Days Event
  • 20+Speakers

Enabling The Next-Generation Autonomous Enterprise

June 25th at 3:20 pm
Main Stage

Join us for our Keynote Session as we dive into maximizing value from intelligent automation initiatives, showcasing a real-world client's success story.

Discover how 360° Process Intelligence overcomes automation discovery challenges and delivers tangible ROI. We'll also explore the cutting-edge potential of Digital Twins and Generative AI in revolutionizing operational intelligence and user productivity. Learn practical strategies to bridge the gap between potential and actual transformation within your organization. 


Christian Berg

Vice President, Product
Vish Sambaiah

Vish Sambaiah

Vice President, AI & Automation Strategy and Enablement
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Meet with Skan

Our team is eager to share how enterprise leaders can maximize the potential of intelligent automation within your organization.

At our booth:

  • Learn how you can gain comprehensive visibility into your processes with Skan's Process Intelligence platform.

  • Uncover how industry trailblazers leverage Skan to maximize automation ROI by aligning their transformation strategy with business goals. 

  • Experience Skan's capabilities firsthand with a live demo. Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through optimizing your automation strategy.

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