Skan Awards 2021 Digital Innovation Award to Unum Digital Strategy Team

Avinash Misra

Together with Skan's Co-Founder Manish Garg, and on behalf of the entire Skan team and Board of Directors, I am proud and privileged to present Skan's Inaugural Digital Innovation Award to the Unum Digital Strategy team:

  • Preetha Sekharan, VP Digital Strategy & Transformation at Unum
  • Allyson Fulton, Director, Digital Product Management, Unum
  • Deo Sepcic, Solutions Engineer, Unum

One thing that I have learned in running a startup built on an emerging, cutting edge technology is that we spend a lot of time educating our customers on the art of the possible: what new technology can do, and how it works. It is rare to find a customer who ‘gets it’, and quickly understands the possibilities of the technology. It is even rarer to find a customer who not only understands our technology, but sees possibilities for what it can achieve beyond even Skan's initial vision. These customers are foundational in helping us build and shape the vision of what we are doing at Skan, and instrumental to our success.

We created the Digital Innovation Award to recognize these customer innovators that encompass Skan's mindset of digital innovation and an unyielding focus on the art of the possible. The Unum team embodies this innovative customer mindset that is helping shape the future of Skan, and that is why we are so excited to present them with the the first Skan Digital Innovation Award.

Preetha, Allyson and Deo are true visionaries for how emerging technologies such as AI and process intelligence can be applied to solve real business challenges. We are proud to be partnering with the them, and thankful for the opportunity to benefit from their insights.

Congratulations to Preetha, Allyson and Deo on this well deserved award!

"Thank you Skan team for this recognition. We are very excited about the work we are doing with Skan to understand the ‘telemetry of work’ in our organization, and for the incredible possibilities this technology will enable. But perhaps the best part of working with the Skan team is that it has been a true partnership, not just a vendor relationship.”

- Preetha Sekharan, VP Digital Strategy & Transformation at Unum

"At Skan, our philosophy has always been to take a customer-driven approach to product strategy and innovation. The Unum team truly encompasses this mindset and they have been a true partner in shaping the possibilities for the Skan platform to deliver real business impact. Congratulations to Preetha, Allyson, and Deo on this award."

- Manish Garg, Skan Co-Founder and CPO/COO

About Skan

Founded in 2018, Skan combines computer vision with AI to help clients streamline core operations, remove friction from customer transactions, and increase the value of human capital. Observing work continuously down to the millisecond and at scale, our secure and privacy-first platform installs in minutes requiring zero integration with existing systems.      

Source: Skan

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