Skan and iGrafx Partner to Launch Pioneering Digital Twin Solution to Uncover Organizational Bottlenecks and Optimize Business Operations

Skan Editorial Staff

MENLO PARK, Calif.May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Skan and iGrafx, global leaders in business operations and process intelligence technology, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver a market-defining Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) Solution. Today's leading organizations across financial services, insurance, healthcare, and more leverage DTOs to analyze the true state of their current operations, design improved end-to-end processes, and streamline them for performance and risk management. Skan and iGrafx's new comprehensive DTO solution covers the full spectrum of business process management.


This innovative DTO solution not only unites process intelligence with process modeling and simulation for robust business process optimization, but also drives enterprise productivity, reduces costs, ensures compliance, and enhances the customer experience.

"Our Process Intelligence platform harnesses AI with advanced process and task mining techniques to unearth deep operational insights," said Manish Garg, chief product officer and co-founder of Skan. "By leveraging iGrafx's process modeling and simulation capabilities, the DTO allows businesses to mirror every aspect of their operations in a virtual space, uncovering crucial insights, identifying automation opportunities, and predicting outcomes."

DTOs enable organizations to predict process optimization scenarios without upfront investment by using advanced process simulation. All process information, including automatically generated standard operating procedures and their associated business models, is stored in an AI-enabled process repository, tying strategy to execution.

"Combining iGrafx's advanced process mining, modeling, and simulation capabilities and Skan's unique 360-degree always-on process observation enables us to create a true digital twin of operations," said Shoeb Javed, chief product officer at iGrafx. "The innovative result provides an extraordinary understanding of the current operational value chain, enabling true continuous improvement across an organization."

Combining perspectives from system activity and user behavior, the DTO generates an unparalleled view of current business operations. It empowers businesses with the tools to analyze their current processes and simulate and implement optimized processes for the future, ensuring a sustainable and scalable business transformation.

About Skan
Founded in 2018, Skan has empowered some of the world's largest enterprises to swiftly and effectively transform their operations using its AI-powered Process Intelligence platform. By observing work continuously down to the millisecond and at scale, Skan delivers actionable insights that fuel innovation and drive transformative outcomes. The secure and privacy-first platform installs in minutes, requiring no integration with existing systems. This ease of use empowers businesses to capture valuable insights from every corner of their operations, leading to improved efficiency, higher impact automation, increased productivity, better compliance, and elevated customer experiences.

About iGrafx
iGrafx is the global leader in process intelligence and process management, helping deliver the business processes of the future, today. Our Process360 Live platform allows organizations to discover, design, and optimize their business processes to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. More than 2,000 customers worldwide are realizing value with iGrafx.



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