Skan and Mindzie Announce Integration to Combine Process & Task Mining

Skan Editorial Staff

The integration of mindzie and Skan will provide companies with new insights into how to improve operations throughout their organizations.

DALLAS, TX, April 20, 2023 – mindzie, inc. (“mindzie”), a provider of Process Mining and Business Process Optimization software, and (“Skan”), a provider of Process Intelligence and Task Mining, today announced a new partnership to bring together their industry-leading technologies to provide businesses with a new level of Process Intelligence.

The combination of industry-leading Process Mining and Process Intelligence provides enterprises with unmatched transparency into business workflows to understand the bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and other challenges that negatively affect their operations. Integrating the two technologies provides insights into business processes at both the system as well as the user level in one seamless process flow, allowing companies to take action and drive tangible cost and operational benefits for their business.

As part of this new partnership, the companies will also engage in joint go-to-market efforts to further evangelize the benefits of the integrated platform.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Skan. The combination of Skan’s AI-driven Process Intelligence and mindzie’s industry-leading low-code Process Mining platform provides executives a complete picture of how their organizations work and where the opportunities exist to drive real operational and working capital improvements.”

- James Henderson, mindzie CEO

“We are thrilled to partner with mindzie to provide expanded capabilities for customers. Bringing together our industry-leading technologies provides new possibilities. It allows us to augment our observation-driven user-centric process view with system-centric process view, bringing a new dimension to our process intelligence data model,”

- Manish Garg, Skan Co-founder and CPO

About Skan 

Skan helps organizations improve operations across the enterprise through the power of AI-driven computer vision. Skan continuously observes work as it happens and captures the true nuance of business processes. Our secure and privacy-first platform is quick to install, requires zero integration, has zero disruptions, and operates at scale. Skan is a global organization headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with employee centers across the globe.

About mindzie

mindzie is a North American-based leader in process mining and business process improvement. Its low-code process mining platform, the mindzie studio, enables businesses and users of all levels to gain valuable insights into ways to improve their operations. With out-of-the-box system connectors, analysis templates, root cause identification, and Predictive AI; mindzie enables businesses to quickly go from interest to insight. To learn more about mindzie, visit

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