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Skan Named a Leader in NelsonHall’s 2021 Report for Process Discovery and Mining

MENLO PARK, Calif. (Nov. 3, 2021) -- Skan, a global driver of process intelligence software, announced today it has been named a Leader in Desktop Process Discovery by the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment Tool (NEAT) for the Process Discovery and Mining market segment.

“Skan is thrilled to be recognized in NelsonHall’s NEAT report for our transformative work in Desktop Process Discovery," said Avinash Misra, Co-Founder and CEO of Skan. "This is further validation of the incredible value that Skan’s platform provides organizations through our ability to deliver immediate benefits and ensure future success for our customers.”

NelsonHall evaluated 22 process discovery and mining vendors in its assessment, naming Skan as one of only two vendors in the “Leaders” category for Desktop Process Discovery. To determine which companies reached the Leaders, High Achievers, Innovators, and Major Players categories, NelsonHall evaluated each vendor's ability to deliver immediate benefits and meet future client requirements, such as process mining, desktop process discovery, and process change planning and acceleration.

PDM NEAT-Desktop Process Discovery-final

“Skan continues to be at the forefront of the desktop process discovery space with rapid innovations the past year,” said NelsonHall analyst, Bailey Kong. “The company’s continued focus on developing deep, actionable insights, and investments to accelerate process changes is why they are positioned as a leader again.” The report also recognizes Skan’s leadership in providing customer analytics and data integrations for unique insights, enabling clients to make innovative leaps in how work is executed.

"The majority of organizations we work with come to Skan to understand how work is getting done. Our Process Intelligence Platform empowers banking, financial services, and insurance organizations to drive process transformation through automation, optimization, precision training, process conformance, and real-time operational metrics,” said Manish Garg, Skan’s Co-Founder and CPO. "Using computer vision to observe and collect data about how work is getting done on a computer screen, Skan empowers our customers to understand their end-to-end digital processes and better plan digital transformation initiatives."

The NelsonHall report lauded Skan’s strong security practices, such as reengineering its infrastructure using PRISM servers to ensure customer data remains on its network. “It redesigned its architecture around the PRISM Gateway server to maximize client data privacy and security,” continued Kong, “and it developed process attribute extraction to get business-level data from desktop applications that is found in transaction logs used by process mining solutions.”

"Protecting customer data and privacy are core pillars of Skan’s architecture,” Misra said. “Skan PRISM establishes that customers have clear and unambiguous ownership of their own data. Security and privacy are always at the forefront of Skan's solutions.”

Click here to download a copy of Skan’s full NEAT report.


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