Skan named Innovator to Watch in Work Intelligence

Skan Editorial Staff

MENLO PARK, CA - APRIL 25, (Skan), the leader in process and operational intelligence, today announced it was named an Innovator to Watch by Deep Analysis in its recent “Work Intelligence Market Analysis 2024-2029.”

According to Deep Analysis, leading organizations are embracing work intelligence to enhance their understanding and improvement of work processes.  With an annual growth rate of 8%, the market for these capabilities is projected to hit $25 billion by 2029. Work Intelligence provides invaluable insights, overcoming traditional data hurdles and empowering organizations to optimize processes and enhance overall efficiency.

“Work Intelligence balances the partnership of human and artificial intelligence to accurately and efficiently understand, analyze, monitor, and improve an organization’s way of working,” said Matt Mullen, Lead Analyst Deep Analysis. “Skan is ideally suited to deliver work intelligence capabilities.  It offers a combination of process and task mining but without the integration work usually required for the former. The company has developed an impressive range of capabilities for process discovery and management and, importantly, toward ongoing improvement of process health and efficiency through real-time operational control and monitoring.  Skan generates a data model with the end-to- end view of processes but with full detail of all the manual effort and costs, underpinned with an analysis, reporting layer, and operational management platform.”

About Skan
Founded in 2018, Skan combines computer vision with AI to help clients streamline core operations, remove friction from customer transactions, and increase the value of human capital. Observing work continuously down to the millisecond and at scale, our secure and privacy-first platform installs in minutes, requiring zero integration with existing systems.

About Deep Analysis
Deep Analysis is an advisory firm that helps organizations understand and address the challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace. Learn more at:

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