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Skan brings Generative AI to the enterprise with ProcessGPT: A game changer for Business Operations

Supercharge business process execution with human and machine intelligence


Skan is trusted by leading enterprises

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With Skan’s process intelligence technology, you can now continuously understand how real work is being done. We can help you unlock your business’ potential to be greater at driving operational excellence, business transformation, and continuous improvement.

Accelerate automation and digital transformation with data 

Utilizing the latest in computer vision and deep learning, Skan helps customers truly understand their processes so they can plan digital transformation and automation efforts, drive continuous organization-wide process improvement, build strategic employee training initiatives, and more.


Automated Process Discovery

Computer Vision to identify process steps at the screen layer


ML-Powered Process Insights

Advanced ML to build accurate and detailed process maps


Actionable Recommendations

Data-driven recommendations for meaningful and measurable action


Privacy First Architecture

Industry leading privacy and security


No Interruption, No Integrations

No disruption to employees or work

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Go beyond expensive consulting projects…

Process consultants and time and motion studies are expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to employees and work.

Worse, they only deliver high level, anecdotal insights which don’t account for the true reality of how work is done.

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… and outdated process mining techniques.

Process mining requires significant technical set up, and relies on back-end process logs which deliver an incomplete picture and often miss critical steps in a process.

The result?

Misguided transformation efforts and failed automation implementations.


With Skan you can uncover a data-driven, end-to-end view of your processes

Get data-driven process insights based on facts, not anecdotal interviews or incomplete back-end process logs. Receive actionable process insights in weeks with zero interruptions to employees and work. Accelerate your RPA implementation, start redesigning processes, build focused training and onboarding, and more using a data-driven approach to deliver measurable ROI.


Ready to get started?

…but not sure where to begin? Get the Process Intelligence Playbook - a one-of-a-kind actionable guide to demystifying the buzz, cutting through the hype, and setting up your process optimization efforts for success.