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Skan Platform

The Skan Process Intelligence Platform uses computer vision and machine learning to continuously uncover the complete, end-to-end view of digital processes with zero interruption to employees and zero required integrations.

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Automated Process Discovery

Computer Vision to identify process steps at the screen layer


ML-Powered Process Insights

Advanced ML to build accurate and detailed process maps


Actionable Recommendations

Data-driven recommendations for meaningful and measurable action


Privacy First Architecture

Industry leading privacy and security


No Interruption, No Integrations

No disruption to employees or work

Automated Process Discovery

Skan virtual assistant uses Computer Vision to identify the specific steps in a digital process by observing how work is actually being done on a computer screen, without the need for any interviews or integrations with backend systems. Skan Computer Vision works out of the box and is highly adaptable to process changes and the introduction of new software

Process Transparency

ML Powered Process Insights

Skan machine learning analyzes multiple process datapoints to build detailed, accurate, end-to-end process maps. Easily compare different variants of a processes, seamlessly zoom in-and-out of a process at different levels of detail, and analyze advanced process utilization metrics

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Actionable Recommendations

Identify actionable opportunities for automation, process optimization, compliance/conformance, digital transformation, employee training, and more

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Privacy First Architecture

Skan builds its process maps using only high-level meta data, without the need to ever access any of your company’s confidential data or documents. In fact, with Skan your sensitive and confidential data never leaves your servers. Additionally, the Skan Admin Center provides powerful white-listing controls so you can tightly control exactly which applications are observed, and automatically redact sensitive personal and company information.

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No Interruption, No Required Integrations

Skan process discovery is completely automatic with zero interruption to employees or work. Get detailed, accurate process insights in weeks, with no employee interviews, no complex data integrations, and no lengthy manual analysis required.

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