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Skan Wing
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Skan Wing

Skan Wing is the industry's first suite of Generative AI (GenAI) solutions, uniquely designed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI and your specific business needs. By combining the power of GenAI with real-time process intelligence data, Skan Wing uncovers hidden inefficiencies, guides workflows, and even automates tasks within your daily operations - all grounded in responsible AI practices you can trust.

  • Deep Business Understanding: Learn from your unique process intelligence data and gain a comprehensive grasp of your operations
  • Reliable Insights, Unbiased Results: Leverage observation-based data, free from bias, to generate trustworthy recommendations and actionable insights
  • Built on Trustworthy AI: Transparency and data security are at the core of our design, empowering you to make confident decisions

Beyond Process Intelligence

Your Operations, GenAI-Powered

Increasing Levels of Operational Excellence 

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Create real-time, narrative insights

Create Real-Time, Narrative Insights

askSkan is a dialogue-based, insight discovery feature that uses generative AI to create real-time narrative insights directly from your process intelligence data.

For instance, prompt askSkan with “What is the average Turnaround Time” and askSkan will respond with a narrative answer in real-time. Data analyst expertise is no longer required to gain the actionable insights you need to interpret your business processes at scale.

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GenAI Opportunity Profiler

Quantify The Value of
Generative AI

Gen AI Opportunity Profiler identifies and quantifies the potential economic value of generative AI automation opportunities.

For instance, the Opportunity Profiler might assess a task involving a high volume of repetitive text composition, interaction with multiple applications, and well-structured data inputs. It would then calculate the potential cost savings or revenue generation that automating this task with Generative AI could achieve.

Quantify the value of generative AI

Empower Your Workforce

ProcessPilot keeps your process documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) readily available, right when you need them.

For instance, imagine you’re unsure of the next step in a complex process. With a few clicks, ProcessPilot will instantly locate your current task within the SOP and provide clear instructions on the recommended next steps.

This can significantly improve efficiency and reduce errors by ensuring everyone on your team has easy access to the latest process information.

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Skan the possibilities and ignite your business transformation with our non-intrusive, zero-integration technology that empowers organizations with data-driven business insights to maximize productivity and digital innovation.

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