Unlock Enterprise Productivity with AI-Powered Process Intelligence

Skan helps you drive innovation faster, pinpoint performance gaps, make improvements and unleash the power of AI to drive tangible and scalable transformation. Make every digital investment count and stay ahead of the competition.

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What is Skan

Skan revolutionizes enterprise efficiency with our AI-powered Process Intelligence platform. Unleashing the full potential of process and task mining, we provide the clarity and insights that fuel innovation and drive transformative outcomes.

With Skan, organizations can capture valuable business insights from every corner of their operations, leading to improved efficiency, faster automation, increased productivity, better compliance, and elevated customer experiences.

Why Skan

  • 360° process view
    360° process view: Transform the way you monitor and manage operations – with unparalleled depth and clarity – continuously, at scale.
  • AI-powered observation
    AI-powered observation: Continuously captures detailed work dynamics, recording all applications agnostically, including Mainframe, Citrix, homegrown, on-premise, and web-based.
  • Actionable Intelligence
    Actionable Intelligence: Real-time, AI-powered analytics and predictive intelligence that redefine decision-making.
  • Speed to value
    Speed to value: Skan's non-intrusive, Zero-integration design avoids time- consuming and costly data engineering and preparation for rapid implementation and scalability.
  • Privacy first
    Privacy first: Industry-leading security and privacy architecture.
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Impact Areas

Skan Delivers Key Transformation Levers for:

Take your operational efficiency to new heights with Skan’s AI-driven insights to uncover, transform and propel your processes towards excellence.

  • Discover and understand business operations
  • Standardize workflows
  • Optimize processes
  • Continuously monitor operations
  • Control process outcomes
Operational Excellence V3

Continuously capture and measure how people work, providing actionable insights to create resilient, data-centric operations.

  • Measure employee skills to identify opportunities for training
  • Monitor employee productivity to provide performance compensation plans
  • Identify procedural deviations in workflow to standardize for scalability and efficiency
  • Discover and standardize work so that teams can work together from any location, providing capacity and cost optimization

Create a reliable, comprehensive data-driven representation of how business processes work.

  • Discover, standardize, and optimize business processes before automation
  • Identify automation opportunities and pick the right patterns
  • Define business value, accelerate outcomes, and validate results
Automation Discovery v1

Apply generative AI to process intelligence data and create the next break-through in
knowledge worker productivity.

  • Automatically generate new insights into business operations
  • Perform what-if analysis and simulation to identify root causes, and evaluate the impact on business outcomes
  • Make decisions and take action based on guided recommendations
  • Free up people’s capacity by letting AI agents execute repetitive tasks such as document generation
Enterprise AI

Maintain quality and meet service level agreements (SLAs) with a continuous, real-time, operational understanding of business process execution.

  • Capture and measure how people work and operations run at enterprise scale
  • Identify trouble spots, bottlenecks and rework that incurs time and cost, and negatively impacts customer experience
  • Assess root causes of quality and compliance gaps
  • Recommend remediations to improve quality and reduce regulatory non-compliance and the risk of penalties and reputational damage
  • Generate the evidence and traceability essential for quality and compliance management
QA & Compliance

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Skan the possibilities and ignite your business transformation with our non-intrusive, zero-integration technology that empowers organizations with data-driven business insights to maximize productivity and digital innovation.

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