Skan Helps F200 P&C Carrier Automate, Accelerate Continuous Improvement in Claims

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 20,000+
  • Revenue $120B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

The Fortune 200 financial services group, and a leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds, sells products primarily through a network of independent agents and brokers. They are the only nationally endorsed direct auto and home insurance program for AARP’s nearly 38 million members.



With the rising challenges in insurance due to financial, medical, and social inflation, the client wanted to empower and engage frontline workers to drive new levels of efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

By introducing new data-enabled operational capabilities, they wanted to reduce claims leakage rates through Continuous Improvement (CI) techniques. 

Cost Savings

annual savings from productivity improvements.


cost savings from automated process discovery versus manual methods.



Historically, the client generated process maps manually, but this approach proved outdated when it came to implementing fast-paced improvements across their organization. The fix? Skan’s process maps were auto-generated and updated in real-time. 

Skan helped the client gain workforce productivity insights, which helped improve overall performance. The unit cost analysis provided by Skan granted insights into the cost, speed, and accuracy of key processes and shared recommendations on additional ways to improve overall efficiency.



Based on Skan-generated measurement and analysis, the client implemented recommendations that yielded a 19% gain in Utilization, a 14% gain in Productivity, and improved the minutes it took to close an individual case by 16%. To keep things running smoothly, the team implemented Skan-generated control loops to prevent slippage. 

The decisions and interactions per FTE per day improved by 16%. Also, Skan-generated work data was consumed more by front-line workers (62%) than managers (38%). Hence, Skan helped the client place front-line workers at the top of the work pyramid, where customers need them.  

"Skan has helped us disaggregate the aggregate and turn lagging KPIs into leading KPIs. Linear cost management techniques don't work in this new environment and are bad for employee morale. We need our people engaged. Continuous Improvement is the way forward for us. Skan's Virtual Agents are like automated Six-Sigma Black Belts working 24/7 to help accelerate our cultural transformation."  
SVP, Claims Transformation

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