F300 Benefits Provider Raises Claims Productivity 31% with Skan

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 15,000+
  • Revenue $12B+
  • Location United States

Our Client

As a Fortune 300, this American insurance company offers a full array of benefits solutions, including benefits communication, enrollment services, and claims support. They have paid $7.5 billion in benefits and protect 39 million people worldwide. 



During the upswing of remote work environments in 2020, the client wanted to respond proactively to new market pressures and deliver best-in-class, fully digital customer service at an optimized price.

With this aim, the carrier embarked on a major efficiency initiative. Their focus? Gain insights into workforce utilization, productivity, and customer-service quality in their claims operations.

OPEX Savings

in OPEX Savings - 5 months ahead of target.

Process Improvement

in new payroll by improving capacity forecasting.



Within two weeks, Skan delivered detailed claims operations data, quantifying how much time people spent on processing, worktime, and non-process work. The insights also provided supplemental data points, such as the number of decisions and actions per FTE to add valuable context. 
Skan then generated a real-time look into unit cost, processing cost, and required staffing by case type, customer, and employee role. These valuable insights had a positive impact beyond claims, informing better pricing and product catalog decisions.  

A major component of the carrier's efficiency initiative was the adoption of a fully digital end-to-end customer experience for enrollment, administration, and claims. Skan's detailed insights around system utilization across users, applications, and experience levels with variant analysis helped accelerate digitization and automation and found training priorities and smarter technology investments.



Insights from Skan helped the client achieve $3M in OPEX savings, 5 months ahead of target. The partnership: 

●    Improved processing utilization (minutes per day) by 41% 
●    Reduced the average time to close a case (total minutes) by 16%
●    Boosted overall productivity by 31%
●    Fed decisions and interactions with better data for an overall 28% increase in accuracy

Skan also helped the client improve capacity forecasting obviating $1m in new payroll ​​and gain a lift in Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 3.5 to 3.9.

The carrier now uses Skan to drive more accurate staffing and hiring forecasts. With Skan data, the client was able to quantify that it takes exactly 290 days for a new hire to reach their newly established target level of productivity. 

“We log in to our Skan Ops dashboard first thing every morning and use it to manage our business in real-time throughout each business day. Their insights have transformed how we lead and manage.”    

VP, Claims Operations

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