Global Insurer Simplifies Auto Claims and Improves ROI with Skan

  • IndustryInsurance
  • Company Size 160,000+
  • Revenue $120B+
  • Location Europe

Our Client

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, this client is the world’s largest insurance company and Europe’s largest financial services group.



The team at the client's end was faced with a challenge: customer satisfaction was declining due to a rise in claims processing time. They wanted to explore process inefficiencies, the reasons why some claims took longer than others, and find opportunities to enhance workflow performance in Guidewire ClaimCenter. 

The goals: 

●    Identify time spent on process vs. non-process applications 
●    Reduce the number of touchpoints in the claim process
●    Determine the drivers of case cost inefficiency 
●    Improve workforce capacity through process optimization

Estimated Cost Savings

by reducing customer touchpoints and eliminating unnecessary information capture from third-parties.

Estimated Gains

by consolidating three information-capture workflows into one.



To gain visibility into process, mapping, and unit-costing, Skan created a digital twin of their core functions. Skan focused on analyzing time spent on process versus non-process applications, team handoffs, and customer and third-party interactions. This provided the client with new levels of detail relating to quantifying and understanding the real drivers of claim case costs.

The client was not yet ready to embrace aggressive automation, but they wanted a plan of action they could implement to simplify processes in the near future. With Process Intelligence from end-to-end process mapping, Skan provided unbiased insights on workforce capacity utilization, productivity analysis, system utilization, and automation options.



Skan insights helped the client reduce costs by  ~$200k+ by simplifying customer touchpoints and eliminating redundant information capture from third-parties. New streamlined ways of work reduced costly off-hours work by 24%. Skan insights also helped the client generate another ~$105k savings by consolidating three information-capture workflows into one, while pinpointing which communications would better flow through Microsoft Teams vs. costly in-person meetings.  

What does the future of Skan look like for this customer? As Guidewire ClaimCenter utilization increases across the organization, the Skan platform will have even more data and processes to mine intelligence from. Skan's Productivity and Unit Costing dashboards will pinpoint even more opportunities, and calculate the specific gains the organization could yield through their implementation.

"Simplifying already lean processes, especially digital processes which tend to be invisible, isn’t worth the time and staff investment. Skan changes that. Their virtual agents generate highly accurate, finely granular data that makes incremental daily process improvement rather, dare I say, easy. And their system utilization data rates as a valuable bonus."
Head, Claims Optimization

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